Este apartado es para que veas que aprender inglés puede ser muy divertido.

Ve-escucha el video-audio que sigue a continuación; es una escena de la serie ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Aquí está, ¡disfrútalo! luego haz la actividad.



Complete the spaces with a word from the video-audio above. The activity is from 1:05 to 1:51

  • Sheldon: All right. Please.

Amy, when I (1)______ in your (2)_______ and you look back in (3)_______, everything feels not quite (4)_________; because I (5)_________ stronger and weaker at the same (6)_________, I feel (7)___________ and at the same time terrified. (8)_______ truth is I don’t (9)_________ what I feel; except I know (10)______ kind of (11)________ I want to (12)________.

  • Amy: Sheldon, that was (13)___________ !


The Re-Entry Minimization


Here the answers:

1. look

2. eyes

3. mine

4. normal

5. feel

6. time

7. excited

8. The

9. know

10. what

11. man

12. be

13. beautiful

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